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Anne Nutwell, LMT

Anne has a fascination for the amazing complexity of the human body. Her approach to massage is tailored to each client and the client’s goals – whether the goal is deep relaxation or some TLC for an injured rotator cuff. She combines different modalities to make each session a one-of-a-kind experience. Her background includes over 100 hours of training in Deep Tissue massage, Neuromuscular and Structural massage approaches, and an in-depth understanding of the body. She loves to adapt to each client’s needs whether that means using a strong elbow for some intense chair massage or a precise stroke with the fingertips while working on the delicate muscles of the neck. Some of her favorite work includes deep tissue massage focused on the legs and feet for all the bicyclists and runners she’s met in Portland, shoulder and neck work geared to help clients who work on computers feel ease and freedom in their upper bodies, and full body relaxation massage. She helps clients understand and love the way they feel in the bodies.

Colin Banks, LMT


Colin graduated from East-West College of Healing Arts in 2015. He is fully trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Thai massage, however his passion is Craniosacral therapy. He believes that there is an interconnectedness to whole body health in his approach to massage. His belief that each session should be tailored to each individual client, with their goals being foremost in his approach. When not practicing massage he enjoys an active lifestyle that involves outdoor activities as well as a passion for culinary arts.

Rebecca Orford, LMT


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