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Scott Furlow, LMT


Scott has passion for achieving harmony and resolving conflict in one's life through the practical application of massage therapy. A recent East West College graduate, he is able and willing to mold himself to the demands of his clients. In addition, the standards of excellence at East West have granted him proficiency in Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, and Trigger point techniques. Since his days massaging friends merely because it was fun, his sincere interpersonal skills have merged with his training in massage therapy to form a unique approach to body work that is friendly, devoted and yet still maintains detached compassion. He holds himself to a high professional standard, however he is still able to bring out a touch of character that is both amiable and personable.

Colin Banks, LMT


Colin graduated from East-West College of Healing Arts in 2015. He is fully trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Thai massage, however his passion is Craniosacral therapy. He believes that there is an interconnectedness to whole body health in his approach to massage. His belief that each session should be tailored to each individual client, with their goals being foremost in his approach. When not practicing massage he enjoys an active lifestyle that involves outdoor activities as well as a passion for culinary arts.

Troy Flathau, LMT

Troy has taken a 2,500 mile, seven day-one-way road trip to bring you the massage experience you have been meditating about! After graduating from Lakewood School of Therapuetic Massage Therapy in the hustle and bustle of Port Huron, Michigan, Troy decided on an adventure. 
With natural, hollistic-focused knowledge and a passion to empower others, the adventure became the purpose. The main purpose of Troy's work is YOU! His love for poetry and creativity allows him to rhyme the art and science of massage, uniquely and coherently, in each session. 
He has an arsenal of modalities to cater your first to one-hundredth massage! Some of Troy's favorite include Hypnomassage, Wellness Promotion and Deep (Pressure) Tissue as an honorable mention. Any client. Any situation. Anytime!


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